Mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing

What kind of mixing processes do you come across in your line of work? And what kind of (Gronfa) equipment would suit your requirements?

In the mixing technology we can differentiate various processes, of which the most common ones in our field are:

  • Stirring - slowly mixing or keeping homogeneous, with little shear and turbulence 
  • Mixing - turbulent mixing 
  • Dispersing - to cause (particles) to separate uniformly throughout a liquid; the dispersion can be stable or not; a stable dspersion is called a collodial solution
  • Suspending - comparible with dispersing, but the particles are larger and sedementation is usually the case
  • Emulsifying - the process of high shear mixing leading to a stable emulsion
  • Homogenize - the process to reach equal particle size
  • Heat exchange - the process of heating and cooling down; the stirrer will support the heat transfer when e.g. using a heating jacket 


In the mixing technology, different types of mixers can create the same result. Or the opposite! Below the most common types of Gronfa mixers are listed, related to the mentioned mixing processes.


Stirring Gronfa TRW, ARW, HRW, SRW en KRW
Mixing Gronfa Rotomix, Rotomaster, UZ- en Cup-roerwerk
Dispersing Gronfa Dissolver, RotodispGIP en IDM
Suspending Gronfa Dissolver, RotodispGIP en IDM
Emulsifying Gronfa RotodispIH, GC, GIP en IDM
Homogenizing Gronfa RotodispIH, GC, GIP en IDM
Heat transfer    Gronfa ARW en HRW