Hygienic design and CIP

Hygiene is a hot topic these days. There is a substantial amount of seminars, webinars, workshops and literature available. And there is a valid reason for that, called food safety. Our health is of major importance of course. But there is more to it. What effect will it have when a product is in the news, negatively? Sales can drop drastically, even when there is only a rumour. News spreads faster then ever.

Suppliers of machines for the food industry, play indirectly an important part in the food chain as well. The machines need to be designed in a hygienic way. That apllies to a lot of areas. If you would purchase Gronfa food processing equipment, you can be certain of not just a functional and high quality machine, but also of:  

  • a hygienic design regarding Cleaning in Place (CIP) and draining
  • the choice of materials and relevant certificates (especially plastics accoording to FDA and/or EC 1935/2004)
  • the right material finishing (for wetted parts we usually work with the 0,8 um)
  • easy to clean installations