Gronfa Procestechniek BV

A warm welcome to the English website of Gronfa Procestechniek BV, based in Zutphen, The Netherlands.

Please note that the Dutch version of the website is more extensive and is kept more up-to-date. To get there, please simply click on the Dutch flag on the right hand side or type in your browser.

Gronfa is manufacturer of specialized equipment in the range of:

  • Mixing and stirring technology
  • Dispersing, homogenising and grinding technology
  • Dosing and filling technology
  • Powder dissolving technology


The working method of Gronfa Procestechniek is characterized by an intensive cooperation with customers as well as suppliers. Gronfa installations are always custom-made, but as much as possible made out out of standardized components and proven technology.


Gronfa Procestechniek: “The ideal mix of quality and service”